Package contains:
  • Long range transmitter
  • Long range receiver
  • Stand bracket
  • IR remote extension
  • Remote control
  • USB cable
  • HDMI cable (2)        
  • Power A/C adapter (2)
  • User Manual
Wireless HDMI Long Range 160 feet HD
1080p 3D CameraLink transmitter & Receiver
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The CamLink transmitter connect onto your camera via HDMI, wirelessly sends HD content from your
video camera to HDTV for full HD 1080p/60 resolution and digital sound. With the compact, lightweight,
built-in rechargeable battery HDMI CamLink transmitter connect to the camera, you can watch and
monitor live video from the camera on your HDTV or Projector wirelessly with zero latency. Receiver
works with all HDMI-equipped laptops/PCs, TVs and overhead projectors, and does not require wires,or
line of sight without signal interruption, loss or latency.
This unit double the regular signal range to
160 feet.
If the other wireless HDMI unit fail to provide you good signal, here is your answer.
CameraLink support
Product Features:
Instant wireless HD AV transmission, in 5.2-5.8Ghz, with DFS frequency.
Transmission range in the vacancy indoor environment 160 feet/50m;
Supports the video HDMI interface at the maximum of 1080P60 Hz;
Supports HDMI1.3 and HDCP1.2 protocols;
Supports the EDID function;
Supports the CEC function (for the receiving and display devices);
Supports the IR extension transmission function;
Transmission power 12 dBm;
Supports the point-to-point transmission and point to multi-point or multi-point to multi-point transmission function;
Supports the AES128-bit image encryption Function;
Supports the reverse back-transmission channel at the maximum rate of 100 kbs;
Supports OSD display;
Supports WHDI 1.0 specifications.

Transmission Frequency
Free Frequency: 5.15~5.25, 5.725~5.850 (GHz)DFS
Frequency: 5.25~5.35, 5.47~5.725 (Ghz)
Video Input/Output
HDMI plug 1.3
Power Input
Transmitter: Mini USB; DC 5V/1A, working time 4 hours, charging
time: 3.5 hour
Receiver: Pin Jack 3.5 ; 5V
System latency
Transmission Di
Dimensions (W x D x H)
Transmitter: 117 x 59 x 34.6 (mm)
Receiver:  97 x 56 x 20 (mm)
Approx. Weight
Transmitter: 110g
Receiver:     60g
Video Format Support
T V:1080p, 1080i, 720p, 576p, 480p
PC:VGA(640X480), SVGA(800X600),
XGA:(1024X768), SXGA(1280X1024)
Audio Format Support
3D Video Format Support
720P@50, 720P@59, 720P@60
Operating Temperature
-10 - 40℃
Additional Accessories:
Additional Receiver
receiver+IR remote extension+HDMI cable
SKU: 38L
WHDI Technology for No Interference
All our wireless HDMI unit transmit in an unlicensed 5.8 Ghz radio frequency for a crystal-clear
interference-free connection. Zero interference, Zero latency. One transmitter support up to 6 receivers.
Watch HD live video on HDTV, Projector from camera wirelessly
HDMI Wirelessly transmit uncompressed, true 1080p HD
video & surround sound audio; 3D compatible; Real-time
with zero latency; 5.8GHz
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